Designing of houses

Designing of houses


The construction of any house begins not with the foundation, but with the development of the project. Without the project will not be at home. It is developing the project, you can see your house the way it will be. Designing is very important in order to evaluate the customer’s ideas, to see how they can be implemented. Individual planning of the house will make your housing as comfortable and comfortable for you as possible. Specialists of “SK SOLID” will help you to decide what will be the layout of the room, the interior and the facade. Formation of the sketch of the house takes place using computer programs that allow you to see the future house in a three-dimensional dimension.

Individual design of houses includes:

– preparation and approval of technical tasks;

– conclusion of an agreement with the company for the execution of design work;

– choice of style, creation of the concept of the house;

– coordination of plans for facades and premises;

– development of a draft design;

– study of all sections of the project.

Specialists of “SK SOLID” professionally prepare all the project documentation at home. We take into account all the wishes of the customers. A whole team of architects, designers and engineers works on every project. We will gladly implement all your ideas, so that your house is cozy and comfortable.