Design of prefabricated buildings in Ukraine

Design of prefabricated buildings


The construction of modern fast-erecting buildings is not possible without the design of such premises. Frame structures differ from the capital structures. An important advantage of such buildings is the minimal use of building materials. In this case, the buildings are strong, reliable, safe. When designing, it is important to consider whether the room is heated or not. Technologies for the construction of prefabricated buildings are being improved every day. To date, this technology is used for the design and construction of warehouses, hangar complexes, logistics centers, shopping centers, service stations, car dealerships or gas stations, office premises, production workshops. The wide operational possibilities allow using prefabricated buildings for a wide variety of purposes. Accordingly, the project of the building must be made accordingly with the purpose of the building. The team of specialists of “SK SOLID” will execute the design of prefabricated buildings of any complexity. We take into account all the wishes of our customers.

We carry out a full range of services:

– designing of buildings, preparation of necessary documentation and permits;

– manufacturing of the basic structures of the building in accordance with the project;

– delivery of construction materials to the construction site;

– installation of a prefabricated building.

A competently and professionally designed building will be convenient in service and comfortable for work.