Industrial construction and outsourcing

Industrial construction

Services price

Development of project documentation with the assistance of certified professionals

Execution of general construction works:

Foundations (prefabricated and monolithic)

Foundations (prefabricated and monolithic)

Preparation of the base
Formwork assembly
Waterproofing (including PVC)

The frame (metal frame or reinforced concrete)

The frame (metal frame or reinforced concrete)

Mounting of columns
Mounting frame of coating
Mounting elements of timber framing

Facades and roofs

Facades and roofs

Mounting composing (ventilated) facade
Mounting facades of sandwich panels
Mounting internal wall cartridges
Wet facades

Construction of pitched roof (composing, sandwich panels)
Construction of flat roofs (PVC membrane)

Other trim elements

Concreting of industrial de-dusting floors

Fabrication metal framework

Fabrication metal framework
Fabrication metal framework

Building frames
Architectural constructions
Design constructions, LOFT

Outsourcing in construction

Autsortsing in construction reduces the cost and turnaround time. In parallel passes competent implementation functions that were transferred to LTD “CC SOLID”

We perform the following administration services:


Purchase of materials


Development of documentation and its conduct in the course of construction


Supply chain management


Managing the process of building and staff


Preparation of documents and objects to pass

Construction and design

Wireframe industrial construction:

1) Cost-effective
2) The rapid construction of the object
3) Reliable operation

Wireframe industrial construction
Wireframe industrial construction

The use of competent technology and modern construction materials allows a short time to realize:

– Industrial facilities
– Warehouses, hangars
– Repositories
– Industrial premises
– Office rooms
– Granaries
– Logistics complexes

Structure, phases of the facility:

– Excavation
– Construction of foundations
– Production and installation of building frame
– Construction of the roof
– Construction of walls
– Industrial flooring
– Filling openings

An important factor in a comprehensive approach to the construction of a selection of the optimal design solution and used building materials.

QMB (Quickly mounting buildings)
The main feature of QMB is the use of prefabricated elements of the building:

• The frame of the building is delivered to the site in the form of prefabricated elements for the subsequent rapid installation.


• As the walls used a turnkey solution where the wall is right and beautiful facade (finished sandwich panels, inlaid-ventilated facades, VSK cassettes, etc.).


• Roofs are also carried out by fast, does not depend on temperature conditions.


• In industrial floors used hardener and varnishes that does not require subsequent finishing. These floors can be used in a short time.

Industrial floor
Industrial floor

QMB removes the additional cost of the facade cladding and finishing of walls and flat floors.


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