Turnkey construction of facades

Turnkey construction of facades


Appearance plays an important role for the building of any destination. If we talk about shopping centers or business buildings, people first of all pay attention to the facade, and only then on signs and inscriptions. If we are talking about production and storage facilities, then people are much nicer and psychologically comfortable to work in beautiful and colored rooms.

The company BC “SOLID” carries out the construction of any facades on a turn-key basis. A variety of modern materials allow not only to improve the appearance of the building, but at the same time to insulate it and improve the insulation of the premises.

Facade coatings should not only improve the appearance of the building, but also reliably protect it from corrosion and negative influence of the external environment. Another feature of facade materials is that they must be resistant to temperature changes and not deformed at high or low temperature.

Sandwich panels have proved to be a great material for the decoration of building facades. Such panels are practically insensitive to various temperature changes, they do not lose tightness on joints neither in heat, nor in cold. In addition, sandwich panels act as an excellent insulant and noise isolator. A variety of colors and external texture of the panels allow the implementation of a wide variety of design ideas.

Advantages of using sandwich panels for building facades:
1. Simple and quick installation of panels at any time of year, regardless of weather conditions.
2. Easy maintenance of the facade of the building.
3. The plates reliably connect with each other, which additionally protects the building from external factors.
4. The slabs are very resistant to moisture, perfectly protect buildings even in very wet climates.
5. The ventilated zone, which is formed in the process of creating the facade, allows all excess moisture to leave unhindered without condensation on the building.

Modern materials and construction technologies offer you many opportunities. Specialists of BC “SOLID” professionally and “turnkey” will realize all your ideas in life.