industrial construction of grain storage facilities

Industrial construction of granaries


The construction of granaries is a very important stage in the development of agribusiness, on which the company’s profit will largely depend. Today, business is developing very rapidly, new markets are opening up for the sale of grain. There is a need for the construction of new, modern grain storage facilities, in which the harvest will be well preserved and not be spoiled prematurely. After all, a spoiled crop is irreparable damage to the agrarian. Therefore, the construction of granaries should be trusted only by professionals.

Granaries belong to narrow-profile objects. Such buildings are difficult to use for anything other than their main purpose. Therefore, in the construction of grain storage facilities, we are guided precisely by the operational features and requirements put forward to a particular premise.

The project of each granary built by us was developed for each customer individually, taking into account all the features. At the heart of each storage is a standard project, in which we make changes in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Particular attention is paid to the ventilation system, thermal insulation and air humidity control system. The room should be as functional as possible and comfortable for staff.

Advantages of our granaries:

1. Maximum functionality of the room.
2. Minimal terms of construction.
3. Affordable price for construction.
4. We use only high-quality materials for construction.
5. Our repositories are safe and reliable.
6. High resistance of modern building materials to the negative impact of the environment.

BC “SOLID” carries out a full cycle of construction of granaries. Having ordered construction from us, you can be sure that we will finish the work within the agreed time, we will do everything quickly and efficiently.