Industrial construction of high-speed warehouses


With the development of business, the need for specialized premises, such as warehouses, hangars and storage facilities, also increases. Thanks to modern technologies for the construction of prefabricated buildings, the construction of such premises does not take much time and is quite affordable.

Advantages of quickly erected warehouses:
1. High speed of erection of a building.
2. Low cost of building materials.
3. Simple installation of the frame and panels.
4. The possibility in the future to change the layout, reduce or increase the room without stopping production.
5. Reliability and security of the premises.
6. High stability of quickly erected warehouses for corrosion, external and internal negative factors.

Industrial construction of warehouses is handled by companies specializing in the construction of prefabricated buildings. In the IC “SOLID” work on each warehouse begins with communication with the customer, determining the purposes of construction. Formed the basic parameters and requirements for the future building. The customer chooses materials for construction. We work only with quality, certified building materials. This approach allows us to be confident in the quality and safety of the buildings we built.

After discussing all the parameters and wishes of the customer, our specialists leave for the construction site. Assess the condition of the soil. They form a list of preparatory works for construction.

In accordance with the draft of the building, materials are purchased. Installation takes place on the prepared land. Our employees strictly observe all technical norms and rules of installation and construction.

We pay special attention to the roof of the building and the roofing materials. Modern materials make it possible to create roofs of various architectures, while absolutely hermetic, without seams and joints, to cover them with roofing coverings.

We finish the work on the object only when all the works are completely finished and the premises can be put into operation. Our company provides a full range of services for the industrial construction of prefabricated warehouses.