Designing of logistics centers

Designing of logistics centers


Modern logistics puts many functional tasks before the logistics centers. The main functions that the logistics center face are:

– temporary placement and storage of products, goods;

– work with the goods or products, the ability to complete the goods if necessary;

– ensuring uninterrupted and rhythmic fulfillment of customer orders.

When developing the project of a logistics center, it is necessary to take into account many factors related to the features of the purpose of the premises. Particular attention should be given to the design of the adjacent territory. After all, it is necessary to organize unhindered travel of transport, transportation of transport through the territory of the logistics center. When developing the premises of logistics centers, it is necessary to take into account the various technological operations that ensure the necessary level of the consumer passability of the center.

The basis for the design of logistics centers includes the following stages:

1. Technological design of the building.

2. Selection of land for construction.

3. Obtaining documents permitting construction.

4. Assessment of surrounding structures and underground communications located on the site of future construction.

5. Competent design of logistics centers.

Specialists of “BC SOLID” professionally perform all the works connected with the design of logistics centers. Our projects are carried out in accordance with all norms and rules, they correspond to the functional purpose of the building.