Construction of industrial facilities in Ukraine

Construction of industrial facilities


The requirements for the construction of industrial buildings are much more stringent than for hangars or warehouses. First of all, such buildings should be reliable and safe for people. In addition, industrial buildings must withstand not only static, but also dynamic loads from the operation of heavy machinery indoors. Moving machinery and machines inside buildings also creates additional vibration. “SC SOLID” takes into account all these factors in the construction of industrial facilities. There are a huge number of types of industrial buildings, depending on their functional purpose.

Virtually all types of such buildings have such structural elements as:

– columns of industrial buildings;
– the roof of the building, which consists of a bearing and enclosing part;
– several crane beams;
– Lights for additional lighting of the room;
– standard vertical fences, such as doors, windows, walls, partitions.

The company “BC SOLID” has all the necessary technical equipment for the construction of industrial facilities of any complexity. When building industrial facilities, we strictly adhere to all norms and technologies of construction. Our company will perform all the installation and construction work quickly and efficiently. We use modern construction technologies. We pay special attention to the safety of our facilities. We use only quality, certified building materials.