Construction of granaries in Ukraine

Construction of storage facilities, granaries


The construction of storage facilities and grain storage facilities is part of an actively developing agrarian sector. Growing a crop is only half the battle. It is equally important to keep a quality product until its implementation. The main requirements for storages and granaries are:

Stability of structures, both before external factors, and before the internal pressure of moist and dry grain masses.
Protect the crop from precipitation, groundwater, condensate. The room should have strict control over the level of humidity.
High level of fire safety.
The storage should be convenient for operation, do not create inconveniences in the maintenance of the crop, disinfection, passage of special equipment.
The aspiration system, which allows to significantly reduce the amount of dust in the air, creates the conditions necessary for the work of the personnel.
SK SOLID provides a professional approach to the issue of storage and processing of fruit and vegetable products and cereals. Our company offers the development and erection of standard and individual storage facilities and granaries. The design of each object is developed taking into account the operational characteristics of the premises. Following the construction technology makes the storage facilities safe, reliable, durable and durable. “SK SOLID” performs the whole complex of works during the construction of storage facilities and granaries: from the design of the project to the putting into operation. The use of modern building materials, such as sandwich panels, allows us to carry out all construction work in the shortest possible time.

As for the construction of large complexes with a complex technological system, and when constructing small storage facilities, we take into account the wishes of the customers and guarantee the quality of the erected premises.