The Walls

Building walls

External walls in industrial premises are designed primarily to perform a practical role. Walls should be strong, reliably protected from external factors, not create condensation. In this case, do not forget about the aesthetic side of the front wall. We offer a simultaneous solution of two questions. Walls made of sandwich panels, ventilated panels or other modern materials provide reliable protection of the building from external factors, serve as insulation materials, while having a beautiful appearance, allow the implementation of design ideas. The main advantage of modern materials for covering external walls is that these materials are resistant to harsh climatic conditions, maintaining both high and low air temperatures, are resistant to high humidity. Long life is another argument in favor of building external walls using ventilated or sandwich panels. The use of these materials in the construction of external walls will provide the building with not only thermal insulation, but also soundproofing. Professional installation of panels occurs quickly and qualitatively.
Features of using sandwich panels for external walls:
1. The plates reliably connect with each other. Such a connection provides protection of the plate against moisture and corrosion.
2. The plates are made of environmentally friendly material.
3. The plates are distinguished by their high water-repellent properties.
4. Plates can be installed at any time of the year.
5. A wide range of plates allows you to choose and create unique and memorable exterior walls of the building.
Features of the use of ventilated facades for external walls:
1. High thermal insulation of the material. Inside the room in winter, heat remains, and in the summer – cool. The room is reliably protected from thermal load.
2. Moisture from the room can freely exit through the vented zone, without condensation inside the building.

Our specialists will help you to choose the most constructive solution for your external walls. A variety of modern technologies for building external walls of buildings allows you to select the optimal material for the walls of your building.