Roofing works

Roofing – the most important component of any building. The materials and technology of the roofing should correspond to the purpose of the building, take into account all the features of the operation of the premises. The service life of any room directly depends on the quality of the roof. The roofing of industrial premises performs such functions as:
1. Protection of the premises from external factors.
2. Maintaining a temperature regime inside the room. Maintain the required humidity level. Maintaining the necessary sanitary standards and requirements in the room.
3. Provide safety for people and for indoor equipment.
We provide services for the arrangement of both pitched and flat roofs. Modern technologies, such as the use of sandwich panels, make it possible to make a roof in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the roof is strong and light. Reducing the weight of the roof beneficially affects the building as a whole – less load on the walls, supporting structures, foundation. Insulating materials, which are installed in the structure of sandwich panels, can simultaneously mount both roofing and insulation material. Professional installation of panels allows to considerably reduce the time of roofing works, without loss of quality of the roof.
The membrane roof is very popular lately. High technical parameters, ease of installation and operation make this roof very attractive. Roofing membrane PVC is an innovative waterproofing roofing material made on the basis of polyvinylchloride. The seams between PVC sheets are welded with hot air, the seams are very durable. This technology makes it possible to make the roof as tight as possible. You can lay the membrane almost at any time of the year.
The advantages of a membrane roof include:
1. Durability of roofing.
2. Easy assembly and sealing of membrane seams.
3. Resistance to external environment, especially resistance to low temperatures (withstands up to -60 degrees).
4. The structure of the membrane allows to avoid the formation of condensate.
5. Compliance with all fire safety standards. PVC membranes are non-combustible material.
Our specialists are ready to conduct roofing work using sandwich panels or PVC membranes. A professional approach to the issue of roof installation allows us to perform our work in the shortest possible time.