The Frame

Building frameworks

Metal frame buildings.
Frame buildings are becoming increasingly popular. In such buildings can be located as car dealerships or warehouse complexes, and sports centers, supermarkets or production complexes. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, you can build a frame in a very short time. In this case, the quality of the structure will be high. Advantages of prefabricated buildings is that they:
– fire resistant;
– earthquake-proof;
– strong and durable;
– Easily mounted and dismantled;
– not the high price of the frame;
– The layout of the room can be easily changed.
For the construction of frameworks of industrial buildings in which heavy production equipment will be placed, special design is necessary. After all, it is necessary to take into account not only the static loads on the foundation and walls of the frame, but also the dynamic loads that arise as a result of the work and vibration of the production equipment. The team of our professionals creates projects of buildings taking into account all the features of the subsequent operation of the premises. The architecture, layout and size of the premises can be very diverse. We take into account all the wishes of the client, translating your ideas into reality.
Reinforced-frame frame buildings.
Particularly often used reinforced concrete structures for the construction of multi-storey buildings. The main advantages of such premises are their strength and durability, subject to strict compliance with the technology of building a reinforced concrete frame. Reinforced concrete buildings are very hardy and capable of withstanding enormous loads. Such characteristics allow the use of reinforced concrete structures for the construction of foundations, walls, ceiling slabs. A special role in such buildings is played by concrete columns. They serve as a reliable support for the floors and balconies of the building. The combination of iron and concrete is not accidental. Reinforcement will make the concrete structure as durable as possible, preventing premature crumbling of concrete. We offer high-quality reinforcement of reinforced concrete buildings, erection of columns, installation of concrete floors. The installation of reinforced concrete structures does not take much time, while the building is durable and durable. The team of our specialists produces all the installation work qualitatively and quickly.