Foundation of the foundation

The reliability of any building depends largely on the foundation. An incorrect calculation during the construction of a foundation can lead to disastrous consequences. Correct, professional calculation in the construction of the foundation is a pledge of a strong and safe building.
The technology of foundation construction includes such stages as: geological analysis of the soil, foundation preparation for the foundation, preparation and compaction of the soil, reinforcement of the future concrete structure, formwork assembly, direct concreting or foundation collection, waterproofing of the structure. Non-compliance with the technology during construction can lead to undesirable consequences in the future. At the stage of preparing the foundation for the foundation, a geological analysis of the soil is carried out, which determines the structure and bearing capacity of the land. Weak parts of the soil are removed, a pillow is created for future construction. Planning of the future foundation area is carried out taking into account storm sewerage, drainage slopes and drainage systems. Then, the soil is compacted and compacted to the required density, the rubble is poured into different fractions and sand. If the building materials used in the construction of the foundation do not meet the requirements of the project, the bearing capacity of the foundation is violated. Therefore, when planning the construction, all calculations must be made by professionals.
Monolithic foundation – the ideal solution for construction on unstable ground. Such a foundation is very durable and withstands heavy loads. Recommend this type of foundation and when building in areas where there is a high level of groundwater.
Prefabricated foundation. The foundation is built faster than with a monolithic version. The quality of the foundation is affected by the quality of the building materials used to build the foundation and the professionalism of the builders.
Our experts will help you determine which type of foundation is the most optimal for your construction. Our team of professionals will make all the necessary calculations, taking into account the technology of foundation construction specifically in your case. Builders can quickly and efficiently build a foundation, perform installation work. With us, the foundation of your building will be reliable and will remain strong for many years. We use only quality, certified building materials.