Technologies of monolithic construction


One of the most demanded areas for today is a monolithic construction, used to build a variety of structures. The process of such construction involves the creation of structural elements using a mixture that consists of concrete, as well as formwork. Formwork itself serves as a form for pouring concrete. Thus, the construction of monolithic buildings is impossible without the use of formwork, adding rigidity and stability to structures.
Immense formwork from a very light material – expanded polystyrene – became very popular during the erection of monolithic structures. Such formwork includes panels made of polystyrene, which are connected by special bridges. They have gained great popularity due to their small weight and ease of installation.
When choosing materials for interior and exterior decoration, you should also pay attention to their combustibility, polystyrene foam, in turn, can be burned well. Typically, for such jobs, sheets of gypsum board are used that glue on top of polystyrene. After this, the facade of the house is plastered or covered with various facing materials.
In monolithic construction, special demountable formwork is also used. For example, they are used to build office buildings or civilian high-rise buildings. In this case, the structure can consist of an external wall with a warm facade or a monolithic with internal insulation. These options are used, respectively, for large or small amounts of construction.
Despite the fact that today the construction market offers a lot of proposals for various services, but not every company undertakes the construction of monolithic buildings and few will be able to perform such work in a quality and in a short time. This is due to the fact that such a construction is an innovation in this area and requires certain knowledge and techniques of execution. One of the professional companies is BC SOLID. Experienced engineers with knowledge will be able to complete the whole complex of building monolithic buildings and without problems will give a long-term guarantee for their work.