Construction of frame hangars, their advantages and disadvantages


To date, in the construction of hangars, there is competition between metal frameworks and arched frameless structures. In any case, the construction of hangars of any kind requires certain skills and each of them has its pros and cons.

Let’s consider in more detail the main advantages and disadvantages of frame hangars. The biggest plus is that such hangars can be built in any shape and practically without any restrictions. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that over time, corrosion of the metal will start in places where moisture accumulates (at the junction of the sheet and the frame). Therefore, at any time it will be necessary to carry out partial repairs, and this is quite problematic, since the frame itself is a carrier element and it will be difficult to replace any part of it.

In the process of erecting frame hangars, special sandwich panels are used to construct fencing structures. This solution can not be called the best, since with frequent surface treatment of structures the joints of the panels become less sealed, which in turn leads to the development of the fungus and worsens their thermal insulation. Such designs have a weak impact resistance, which subsequently also affects the stability of the entire structure

To that already construction of carcass hangars, namely the way of installation, leads to a significant rise in price of the structure. In this case, a special mineral wool insulation is additionally inserted into the sandwich profiles, then a protective membrane is put on top, and then the entire structure is covered with an additional cladding.

This way of building frame hangars has a number of disadvantages:

– a large mass of the hangar, in this connection a solid foundation is required;

– The total cost of construction will also depend on the costs of transporting large panels;

– The cost of construction also increases the use of special coatings for protection from ultraviolet and corrosion;

– thanks to the prefabricated type, wireframe hangars can be easily dismantled, but the costs of such a procedure are often unjustified, as they reach the cost of a new hangar.

Nevertheless, wireframe hangars continue to be popular, as they are simple in design, and are quickly assembled and disassembled.

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