high-speed buildings

Construction of high-speed buildings


The construction of a new premises undoubtedly requires time and financial investments. Thanks to the development of technologies and modern building materials, the time for the construction of prefabricated buildings can be reduced to a minimum. In this case the structure turns out strong and reliable. The use of modern insulating and sheathing materials makes it possible to make prefabricated buildings not only strong, but also warm, comfortable for work of people.

Prefabricated frame buildings have been widely used due to undeniable advantages. Such buildings are used as storage facilities for various purposes, farms for keeping animals, shopping centers and offices, various hangars.

The hangars, built by the company BC “SOLID”, easily withstand any adverse environmental effects. Such premises are not afraid of rain, hail, strong wind. Tightness is achieved through a special method of connecting building panels and roofing materials between each other. Sandwich panels are lightweight and durable building materials that do not lose their properties either in the heat or in the cold. Excellent thermal stability makes this material almost universal.

The company BC “SOLID” provides a full range of services for the construction of hangars and other fast-erecting buildings. The design of each building is developed taking into account the wishes of the client. The building is designed in such a way that it is as convenient as possible for operation. A variety of facade materials allow you to create hangars not only comfortable and practical inside, but also beautiful outside.

We guarantee an individual approach to each customer. Our specialists go to the site of the future construction site, assess the condition of the soil, conduct soil density studies. Next, we are preparing a plot of land for construction. After the platform is ready, our builders collect the metal frame of the hangar. Further the frame is covered with sandwich panels, roofing and facade materials, the floor is poured. Work on the construction of the hangar ceases only when the premises are completely ready for operation. BC “SOLID” is a reliable builder, who can be entrusted with the construction of any prefabricated building.