Construction of logistics complexes

Construction of logistics complexes


Logistics centers belong to commercial real estate objects of industrial purpose. Modern construction technologies allow the construction of such premises quickly enough. At the same time, the building meets all technical standards and requirements. The team of SK SOLID specialists during the construction of logistics centers takes into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer. Our company provides a full range of services that allow us to competently implement projects for the construction of industrial real estate.

A professionally designed complex should provide:

1. Convenient transport access. Prompt reception of goods, their shipment.
2. Equipping with modern equipment. The equipment will ensure uninterrupted and high-quality operation of the complex, high throughput.
3. A constructive approach to the layout of the premises, the placement of racks, storage areas of goods.
4. Convenient and competent movement of goods on the complex.
5. Automation of accounting and management.

The main stages of construction of a logistics complex:

1. Preparation of land for construction.
2. The erection of the foundation.
3. Construction of the frame of the building.
4. Construction of walls and glazing.
5. Installation of the facade of the building.
6. Roof work.
7. Connection of communications and engineering systems.
8. Internal finishing work.
9. Installation of necessary equipment and production systems.
10. Arrangement of the adjacent territory, if necessary.
“SK SOLID” realizes the whole range of construction services of logistics centers.