Designing of plants

Planning of factories


The development of the project is an integral part of the implementation of any idea of ​​the construction, repair or reconstruction of the building. Planning is carried out for buildings of various purposes, including large industrial enterprises – factories. The planning of the plant and its individual workshops affects the productivity of the staff and the effectiveness of the entire company.


What factors are taken into account when designing factories?


● engineering networks, which will ensure efficient and uninterrupted work in the production. Ventilation system for proper air exchange;
● architectural specificity of future buildings – large spans and high premises;
● large load on future design, impact of vibration and load-lifting equipment;
● the aggressiveness of the production environment, the possibility of a fire and the extent to which the production is explosive;
● stylish interior design, high-quality decoration of facades of industrial objects and structures.
The task of developing an industrial design project for specialists is to ensure the release of design documentation containing materials in text form and in the form of drawings and diagrams and strictly compliant with norms and standards.


Possible directions of design


Complex design of factories involves the development, approval and maintenance of all stages of projects and is possible for factories of different designation and complexity: from factories and factories of machine-building profile, automobile factories to enterprises of the food and confectionery industry, logistics centers, warehouses of industrial and food products.
If you need a factory design, designed in accordance with all the technological requirements, architectural features of the existing building and your wishes, we recommend that you contact our experts who know their business.